Successful Gambling - Getting Enough Sleep




Successful gambling starts with getting enough sleep. Honest, because when you are tired you are more prone to mistakes. If you are old enough to go to the casino and gamble, you have no doubt seen that the lack of sleep can have a direct effect on your success at the tables and slots. How could it have an effect on your slot play? Well, that usually involves the amount you are playing for and your ability to recognize when you should quit.


A Princeton University study on sleep deprivation highlighted in the PNAS Journal noted that "the suppression of adult neurogenesis may underlie some of the cognitive deficits associated with prolonged sleep deprivation." The researcher led by Dr Elizabeth Gould, could mean several things. Those who missed out on rest had higher levels of the stress hormone corticosterone and they also produced significantly fewer new brain cells in a particular region of the hippocampus.


What does that mean to you? Well, to start with, simply missing sleep will cause you stress. The fact that casino gambling is supposed to be fun does not mean it is not stressful. The human body considers many things to be stressful, even if they are fun and exciting. A lack of sleep will make your gaming experience more stressful. Other studies have shown that people under stress make more errors. Don't be one of those people. Get enough sleep so you can make good choices and enjoy your casino visit.

Unfortunately, decision making is affected by stress levels.


If you are under a lot of stress from work, relationships, or especially money issues, taking your bankroll to the casino for a good flogging may not be in your best interests. We all tend to make poor decisions at certain times, and when you are sleepy and gambling, you can expect a double-whammy.


Best advice? Head to the casino when you are rested, and quit playing when you get tired. Sleepy players tend to think they should keep playing, and sleepy players tend to do so until they run out of money; ergo, playing tired may well equal a reduction in your bankroll. So, before you head to the casino, or keep playing while sleepy, ask yourself a simple question: "Will I be happier tomorrow with more sleep and more money, or with less sleep and less money."