Where to Park at Your Favorite Casino




Where to park your car at the casino may seem like a simple task until you arrive at the property. Some casinos are as large as shopping malls and there are several options when parking your car. Some are free, some are not!


Large casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City offer street-level parking, parking garages, and valet parking. There are no fees for self-parking or valet in Reno, although it is up to you whether you want to tip the valet driver a few dollars when you pick up your car.


Casinos at Lake Tahoe also offer free parking.


If you self-park, make sure you remember which parking garage you use. Many properties have north, south, east or west parking garages and lots. Properties like the Atlantis in Reno have valet parking as well as self-parking on either side of Virginia Street. You can park to the west and take the skyway over South Virginia Street to the main casino, or park behind the hotel towers to the east and enter the casino from the ground floor. Save yourself some time later by remembering where you parked!


Valet parking at Las Vegas casinos is usually free, tipping is a matter of choice. Make sure you budget an extra ten-minutes for the valet attendant to bring your car up when you are ready to leave. If you are trying to get your car when a show is getting out, your wait will be much longer. Ten p.m. is not the best time to get your car. Self-parking at most properties is also free, but if you are checking-in to the hotel, you may want to use valet because you are going to have a bit of a walk to the front desk.


If you want, you can pull into the "hotel check-in" lane by valet to register and then move your car to self-parking.


Because space is more limited in Downtown Las Vegas there is a charge for parking at several properties like Binion's and the Golden Nugget. Hotel guests can get their ticket validated for free parking at the front desk. Day visitors should check at the security desk or the cage about getting their ticket validated. Time stamps are usually good for three hours of free parking.


In Atlantic City, it is more likely that you will have to pay to park your car. Many properties charge $5 to $10 for valet. Hotel guests can get their tickets validated but may still be charged a fee. If you have a player's club card, the fee may be reduced. Make sure you ask the valet attendant, and make sure you let them know whether you are a hotel guest or just playing in the casino - some properties use different parking areas for hotel guests.


If you self-park in Atlantic City, expect to pay at least $5 while gambling. The fee will be more, and you may have to pay as you enter, but there is usually a discount at each casino depending on which player's club level you have reached. Yes, you will have to show your card. If you go from one parking lot to another, take your receipt so won't have to pay for same-day use.